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Off-Campus  Ride

Off-Campus  Ride


A.  No.83 City Bus (ChengDe Rd.-NTHU)

Route:ChengDe Rd.<--> NTHU NanDa Campus <-->TSMC Building <--> CLS(CHSS) Building <--> General Building II <--> NTHU North Gate

<No.83 City Bus Timetable >> 


B. Bus Information



C. Taxi Information

Radio Taxi Service

 1. Hong Shuai Taxi +886-3-5713333

 2. Jin Li Satellite Taxi +886-3-5223333

 3. My Taxi +886-3-5516000

 4. Taiwan Taxi +886-405-88888 (for Local Call) 55688 (for Cell phone)


D. Others Information

1. Taiwan Railways Administration

2. Taiwan High Speed Rail

3. Ubike

4. Uber