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Regulations of Teaching Credits

Regulations of Teaching Credits


NTHU Regulations of Teaching Credits for Full-time Faculty

Approved at an administrative meeting held on March 20, 1997

1. The duties of full-time faculty are teaching, researching, service and student counseling.

2. The teaching credits are sixteen credits for professors, eighteen credits for associate professors and assistant professors, twenty credits for lecturers in each academic year.

3. By taking charge of a research project granted by the office of research and development faculty members can reduce their amount of teaching credits.

Every research project conducted within one academic year is worth two teaching credits. The maximum amount for reducing credits is four credits within one academic year. (The reducible amount of teaching credits for projects that take less than one academic year will be calculated in accordance with the duration of the project. If two or more researchers are engaged in the same project, the reducible amount of teaching credits will be distributed in amount of work.)

4. The amount of teaching credits can be reduced by thesis instruction. One credit for every doctoral student, and 0.5 credit for every master student, with a maximum of 4 credits for every academic year.

5. The amount of teaching credits can be reduced by undertaking additional responsibilities or student counseling. Four hours of work per week correspond to one teaching credit. The teaching credit reduction of the faculty member who isnt engaged in administrative affairs should be handled by the chairman of the department and be approved by the vice president of Academic Affairs and the president. The maximum of teaching credit reduction is 4 credits per academic year. The approval of the president is required if the amount exceeds 4 credits.

6. The teaching credits of new faculty members, outstanding senior professors and those with special needs may be reduced while reduction shall not affect the teaching principles. The reduction should be handled by the chairman of the department and be approved by the dean of the college and the vice president for Academic Affairs.

7. The maximum amount of reducible teaching credits is ten credits per academic year. In special case this maximum amount can increased with the president’s approval. Each department’s annual average of the teaching credits shall not be less than 9 credits. (Teachers who are on sabbatical leave, research leave, temporarily transfer or conducting administrative affairs not included.)

8. Laboratory courses, practical courses and other courses which do not mainly include lecturing, taught two hours per week are worth one teaching credit.

9. If the amount or students per lecture exceed 80, the teaching credits for this lecture will be multiplied by 1.5, if the amount exceed 150, it will be multiplied by 2.

10. Additional regulations for physical education office, professional and adjunct faulty may be separately drafted and executed after being approved at an administrative meeting.

11. Each departments annual average of the teaching credits will be provided as a reference for allocation of school resources.

12. The regulations shall take effect after being approved at an administrative meeting. The same procedure shall apply upon their revision.