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Insurance for New Contracted Faculty Member

Insurance for New Contracted Faculty Member

Labor Insurance (BLI)

Have Work, should be insured

Labor insurance is on-the-job insurance, all foreigners who "work" in Taiwan must participate.

Usually the content of the insurance is divided into two parts: one is ordinary accidents insurance, and the other is occupational accident insurance.


Labor insurance for foreigners, 5 kinds of benefits in case of accident

What are the benefits of foreign labor insurance? To put it simply, foreigners with labor insurance, if an accident occurs and meet the requirements of the claim, can enjoy the benefits of the labor insurance, the "normal accident" insurance have five types of benefits including: childbirth, injury, disability, old age and death, and the "occupational accident" insurance have five types of benefits including: injury, disability, death, disappearance allowance, and medical care.


Bureau of Labor Insurance Phone:02-2396-1266


National Health Insurance (NHI)

Medical benefits provided by the National Health Insurance: In the event of illness, injury, or maternity accident, the insured person provides outpatient or inpatient diagnosis and treatment services, and shall seek medical treatment in accordance with relevant medical regulations and bear part of the medical expenses.


Yushan (Young) Fellows can participate in NHI from the date of employment

With the residence certificate, the NTHU shall apply for NHI for Yushan (Young) Fellows from the date of employment. 

The calculation of premiums is from the date of employment to the end of retirement.

During the insured period, they will enjoy the same health insurance and medical care as Taiwanese citizens.


Spouse and children join NHI

According to the " Act for the Recruitment and Employment of Foreign Professionals", Yushan (Young) Fellows employed by NTHU, their spouses, minor children, and children over 20 years of age who are physically or mentally handicapped and unable to live on their own, can start from the day they obtain the residence certificate from Taiwan Adding NHI, without being subject to the requirement of a full six months of residence in the State prescribed in Article 9 Subparagraph 1 of the National Health Insurance Act.


Newborn born in Taiwan,insured on the day of birth

Starting from December 1, 106, "foreign newborn babies" born in Taiwan, as long as their parents are in Taiwan and have residence certificates, can apply for NHI on the day of birth.


National Health Insurance Administration Phone:0800-030-598