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Work Permit Application

NTHU personnel office will notice all the departments to process the work permit application in May before the start of every academic year. Please help to prepare the documents required for Work Permit Application and send them to NTHU personnel office(Please refer to the attachment A for the documents required.). NTHU personnel office will submit the Letter of Work Permit Application to Ministry of Education and Work permit will be issued within two weeks.

There are some exceptions as below:

1. If you are those who marries a national and is registered with a household in Taiwan, thus receives a resident card, you would not need to apply for work permit and please submit the copy of resident card to NTHU personnel office.

2.If you are those who have obtained permanent residency and have applied for a personal work permityou would not need to apply for the work permit through NTHU again and please submit the photocopy of Resident Card and your personal work permit to NTHU personnel office.

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