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Bank Account

Bank Account


Please choose one of E. Sun Bank, Mega Bank and the post office for the payroll transfer.

      (ARC, employees ID card and passport must be prepared for account opening)

  1. Comparison of Financial Services for the Payroll customers

  2. Outward Remittance & Foreign Currency for E.SUN Bank

  3. Outward Remittance & Foreign Currency for Mega Bank


Location of the Banks in NTHU

       E. SUN Bank (Learning Resource Center (Macronix Building))

         Business hours: Mon. to Fri.  09:00~15:30

         Tel:(+886) 3-516-2455  or  (+886) 3-571-5131 ext. 35298

 玉山    玉山    玉山  

       Mega Bank (Near by the Division of Cashier)

        Business hours: Mon. to Fri.  09:00~12:00,  12:40~15:30

        Tel:(+886) 3-573-3399  or (+886) 3-571-5131 ext. 35296、35297

兆豐   兆豐    兆豐


      Post office (Near by the East Side Gate)

       Business hours: Mon. to Fri.  08:00~17:00  (continuing service through lunchtime)

       Tel:(+886) 3-571-7086 

郵局    郵局    郵局